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Online 80G Registration - Online 12A Registration

Online 80G registration is obtained by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). they have it to

assure their donors concerning revenue enhancement benefits of donation. Section 80G permits

donors to deduct their donations from their Gross Total financial gain. Therefore, it's additionally

called 80G registration.

The registration takes place in keeping with Section online 80G Registration (5) (vi) of the revenue

enhancement Act. it's useful for each the organisation likewise as the donor. For the organisation, it's

useful as a result of it's ready to attract a lot of donors with the promise of tax deductions. It edges the

donors as a result of they're ready to cut back their liabilities by donating cash.

A non-profit organization or non-governmental organization (NGO), a trust or a part eight

corporation, are qualified to apply for online 80G registration further as obtaining certification

underneath section 12A each the certifications are often applied along and it can even be completed

severally. once associate degree nongovernmental organization needs towards applying for each


Online 80g registration is a certificate that is granted to certain Non-for profit organization by the income tax department or granting their donors the ability to avail of a tax donation and deduction. The non-profitable institutions and NGO’s with 12A are eligible for 80g Registration.

Requirements for 80G Registration and 12A Registrations

  1. The NGO should not be working for a particular community or caste.
  2. NGO’s should maintain their routine accounts for its expenditures and Receipts.
  3. NGO’s must not have any income which is not exempted
  4. The laws and goals of NGO’s must not contain any regulation for investing the income of the NGO for the purpose apart from charitable activities.
  5. NGO should be registered under the societies registration act, 1860 or signed up under section 26 of companies act, 1956

Benefits of 80G Registration and 12A Registration

Section 80G Registration of the income tax act 1961 provides deduction while calculating the total income from the hands of the donor and that deduction is regarding a donation to certain funds, charitable institutions, etc. If the quantity of reduction is more than 10% of the gross total amount income or to which the income tax is not payable under any arrangement of this act then the quantity in excess of 10% of gross total earning will not get deducted under 80G Registration.

Documents required for 12A Registration and 80G Registration

  1. A copy of the PAN card of the NGO is required
  2. Utility bills of the director
  3. Summary of welfare activities carried out in the preceding 3 years are required for 12A and 80G Registration.
  4. The list of donors with their id proof and address are required
  5. Books of account and balance sheet for the preceding 3 years are required
  6. Original Registration certificate of the NGO. is a team of highly passionate and professional Chartered Accountants and legal 

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an entrepreneur in India.

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