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Private Limited Company Registration In India

If you have a great business idea and want to bring it to life. You might have come across this term "Private limited company" but what is a private limited company and why you might choose to form one? Just take a look at this.
The word 'private' simply denotes that the public cannot be allowed to purchase its shares and 'Limited' denotes that liabilities of the directors and shareholders are Limited. A private limited company or LTD is basically a privately held small business entity. 
This type of entity limits the owner liability to their shares, Limit the number of shareholders to 50 and also limit the shareholders from publicly trading shares. The owner of the company will not be involved in this. The company is registered into the contracts by the company's official name and the company's owner is not liable to take any actions or finances. 
The company itself is responsible for any kind of actions, Finances, and liabilities. It must have a minimum of 2 shareholders and 2 directors. 10-12 working days are needed to register a private limited company, subject to the government processing time and the client document submission.
Pvt. Ltd Company is ideal for
  1. Entrepreneurs who want a separate legal entity with perpetual succession and limited liability
  2. An entrepreneur who wants to issue ESOP's (Employee stock ownership plan) to their employees

There are two different kinds of a private limited company
1. Private Limited company by shares
This means that the company is owned by the shareholders and the liability of each +shareholder is limited to the original value of the shares that are issued to them.
2. Private Limited company by guarantee
When a company is limited by guarantee, it means it has members who act as its guarantors. When a company is in trouble these members contribute an amount that was previously agreed in order to support the company.
When you are setting up your business it’s a good idea to look into the future to decide where you want to be and where you wish to take your business. If you want to grow your business setting up a private limited company will be a great idea and will help you to share a load.
Documents required for private limited company Registration
  1. PAN Of all directors
  2. Voter Id / Driving License / Passport Of All Directors
  3. Bank Statement Of All Directors
  4. Electricity Bill Of Business Premises
  5. Passport Size Photo of all Directors
  6. NOC from a landlord (format will be provided by us)
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